A few days ago I submitted the BNS Add Style plugin for inclusion at the WordPress Extend Plugins repository. Later that day it was accepted, but I only uploaded it yesterday as it still needed one final tweak to work as I wanted it to … and I wanted to use it as part of the examples with the WordPress GTA “Learn About Plugins; Do More With WordPress” Meetup presentation I recently gave.

Now, although this is version 0.1 the plugin is fully functional. Here is the “long description” from the plugin itself:

IF all you need to do is change a Theme’s existing CSS this plugin will provide you an enqueued stylesheet that will not be over-written when a Theme is update; saving you the work of creating and maintaining a Child-Theme.

You might even consider this a potential work-around in creating a Grand-Child-Theme as this plugin works with the site’s active theme regardless of whether the theme is a Parent-Theme or a Child-Theme.

Give the plugin a try and feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think of it … and how you put it to use, too.