Just a quick reminder that a new version of Desk Mess Mirrored was released a couple of days ago.

There is a small fix to the header area layout: the “cup” should no longer be blocking menus that extend all the way to the left … and we were able to add a French language translation file, too.

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== Version 2.0.4 ==
Changelog: August 21, 2012
= Code =
* Corrected use of `get_template_directory` in `load_theme_textdomain` parameters
* Removed backward compatibility check for wp_nav_menu
* Changed enqueued version to be dynamically taken from theme version
* Change ‘comment-reply’ script hook to ‘comment_form_before’

= CSS =
* Reduce z-index of #cup to put under menu

= Miscellaneous =
* Removed German and Spanish translation files as too old.
* Added French translation files, courtesy of Samy Rahib at http://lahaut.info
* Minor typos in ‘readme.txt’