I just submitted this morning my latest plugin creation, BNS Bio. It’s really not all that fancy from the outside looking in; and, as is, may only be used in niche cases, but all the same it was a great learning experience creating an extensible plugin by leveraging the WordPress Actions API and WordPress Filters API … or in other words, WordPress Hooks. I will be looking at how to apply these techniques to my other plugins with their next updates.

An author details shortcode plugin with multiple extensions that can modify the output. The extension plugins, using some of the many available hooks, can add a rounded corner border; display the details as an unordered list; and/or hide the author email address details.
BNS Bio Description

As the plugin was just submitted this morning, and may be slow in arriving into the repository with the new plugin review processes, BNS Bio is currently available from my GitHub repository on this page: https://github.com/Cais/bns-bio

The plugin was developed as part of ongoing presentations at the WordPress GTA Meetup group and is designed more to be used as a learning tool and as such (at least as of this writing) ‘alpha-ware’. The plugin and its extensions are fully functional and ready for use. Please feel free to complain as you wish … or better yet add your constructive criticisms, or compliments.

Please, no applause; but, if you insist, there is a donate button in the sidebar … I found after writing this plugin; preparing the slides for the Meetup presentation; and, then properly preparing the plugin for submission to the WordPress Extend Plugins repository that my coffee supply has taken quite a hit.

Just in … BNS Bio is now available (or will be once I commit the files and the repository is updated) from WordPress Extend Plugins at http://wordpress.org.extend/plugins/bns-bio. Enjoy!