== Version 2.1 ==
= Code =
* Added filters to allow the theme version text to be completely overwritten
* Added ‘Ground Floor Custom Background Callback’ to specifically set the CSS `background-attachment` property to `fixed` by default.
* Addressed conditional to display threaded comments if they are open or closed
* Fixed spacing issue in meta details if post has no tags
* Refactored sidebar definitions to include names and descriptions
* Reworded the theme version texts
* Removed duplicate `content width` entry
* Removed `gf_login` function in favor of using its parent plugin BNS Login
* Removed `gf_modified_post` as unused code (may re-introduce in a later version)

= CSS =
* Adjusted search box input field to fill width
* Change `font-size` properties to percentage based values with base font-size set to 100%
* Fixed aesthetics of the menu for the current page
* Hid search buttons by un-commenting the `hidden` class properties

= Miscellaneous =
* Minor code reformatting
* Documentation updates and corrections
* More complete PHPDocs style documentation added
Ground Floor changelog