Lots of improvements and a brand new aside type: the Hat Tip … but you will have to give credit to someone (or however you want to use this new type) to see what it looks like.

= Version 1.0 Changelog =
* Released <:3()~~~ 2013
* Added code block termination comments
* Added ‘hat.png’ image for “Hat Tip” type
* Added missing `bnsia` class to theme elements other than default
* Added style definitions for “Hat Tip” type
* Minor documentation improvements
* Moved stylesheet into its own directory
* Moved images into their own directory
* Moved JavaScript into its own directory
* Refactored $bnsia_element to simply $element
* Removed direct jQuery enqueue (called as a dependency of ‘bnsia-script.js’)
* Removed unused style definitions
* Use an array of elements rather than a convoluted if statement to sort out if an accepted container is being used
BNS Inline Asides changelog