It has been a great ride that last several months but also an extremely busy one. This has made me take a hard look at my WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins to see how I should be going forward into 2014 with them.

Under the BNS banner there are currently six (6) themes and 16 plugins that can be found in their respective WordPress repositories. Each of those have been reviewed and recently updated over the last couple of months; and, in those reviews I have found most have reached a point of maturity where there is not a lot more to do with them as is.

I have been seeing only general maintenance and core upkeep as their overall requirements with few if any “bugs” ever being reported. That being the case these themes and plugins will be going into a “maintenance” mode unless, of course, something significant is brought to my attention or a really great idea is presented to enhance one or more of these works. I plan to adjust my review/update schedule from every three to four months to more along the lines of every six to eight months.

I do have some interesting plugin ideas in the beginning stages, more drawing board than code at the moment, that I plan to explore further this year.

I will also be shifting my entire theme enhancement focus over to my latest theme Opus Primus which carries its own banner and is built entirely on its own roots as a framework.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every user of my themes and plugins and assure them I am not going anywhere.

Also to note, as the Lead Happiness Engineer – NextGEN Gallery at Photocrati Media, I plan to start looking at integration of NextGEN Gallery functionality and related presentation features into all of my themes.