… and it’s free!

The five minutes is purely subjective and completely based on my personal opinion. If I believe a project should take five minutes then that is how long the project will take. If it takes five hours, or five days, the cost will still be the same: free!
Edward ‘cais’ Caissie

Some common Five-Minute-Fix™ items you may need help with:

  • CSS minor adjustments
  • WordPress theme code minor changes
  • (X)HTML minor adjustments

This list is by no means exhaustive but merely a few examples of issues we have addressed with our Five-Minute-Fix™ services. Another example: a component of our Multi (child) theme was a Five-Minute-Fix™ that ran over five hours!

We believe a project that will take longer than five minutes deserves a fair and reasonable discussion of its scope. We are happy to review any reasonable request; and, we will make every effort to respond to all serious inquiries in a timely fashion. In turn, we expect our responses to receive the same respect and attention.

Obvious precedence will be given to those Five-Minute-Fix™ items that arise from a concern with one of our WordPress themes or one of our WordPress plugins we have developed but we will also be more than happy to review other WordPress themes and other WordPress plugins.

Feel free to look over our profile at WordPress.org to see our recent activities, including our ongoing involvement with the WordPress Support Forums.

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