Simple display of useful support information in the sidebar. Easy to copy and paste details, such as: the blog name; WordPress version; name of installed theme; and, active plugins list. Help for those that help. The information is only viewable by logged-in readers; and, by optional default, the blog administator(s) only.

Recent Changelog:

== Changelog ==
= 0.4 =
* added option for displaying active plugins

= 0.3 =
* adapted Lester Chan's WP-Pluginsused code to list active plugins
* left justified displayed items via plugin CSS file

= 0.2.1 =
* minor adjustments to display

= 0.2 =
* compatibility check for 2.9.1 completed


BNS Support Option Panel v0.4
Sample display of information in sidebar.
The sample information copied and pasted into a common text editor.