Current Version: 2.2 as of January 17, 2015.

The theme will no longer be available for direct download from this site, I recommend you download it from its GitHub repository. Here is the direct link to the zip file there.

Although still under suspension at since September 2009 we will continue to keep the theme available … for all to Enjoy!

A pretty pin-up girl posing in the header highlights this grunge based theme and beautifully blends the user option enabled background colors. The built-in user option to change the background color gives you the creative opportunity to truly make this theme your own. Do not be scared off by the dark look, try installing your own copy and play with the color changing option for yourself. If you’re not a fan of pinup girls feel free to drop us a note and we can discuss additional options.

Big Screenshot of Pinup Meets Grunge
Big Screenshot of Pinup Meets Grunge

Some sample images of the color variations available through the theme options:

Pinup Meets Grunge Pink screenshot

Pinup Meets Grunge Red screenshot

Pinup Meets Grunge Purple screenshot

Pinup Meets Grunge Green screenshot

Pinup Meets Grunge Blue screenshot

The old Child-Themes may be made available again but are not likely to perform correctly with the latest version of Pinup Meets Grunge.