Our WordPress Services

All of our administration services can be contracted as a one-time event; quarterly, or short-term; or, under a year long maintenance contract. Services, such as, minor modifications and installations, may also be contracted under this service. We are also happy to discuss a review cycle and time-line that will best suit your needs.

  • Updates: Keeping WordPress up-to-date is one of the best ways to maintain a secure, bug-free installation and prevent unwanted, frustrating downtime.
    1. We will insure your core WordPress installation files are kept up-to-date in relation to the most current stable released version of WordPress.
    2. We will insure your active installed plugins are maintained at the most current stable version that meets the needs of your installation.
    3. We will review your active theme to insure it is using current functions and code.
    4. We will review your active plugins to insure they are using current functions and code.
  • Back-Ups: In those worse case scenarios when everything goes bad, a back-up can be a web site’s saving grace.
    1. WordPress installation (only) core files, including all installed themes and plugins.
    2. WordPress database(s)
    3. Full Server backup, including all WordPress related items
  • WordPress Support: The comfort of knowing you can e-mail, or IM, or simply pick up the telephone and call is something that cannot be overlooked when considering the management of your weblog.
    1. e-mail – available with all retained services
    2. Instant Messenger (IM) – a BNS Premium Service
    3. Voice – a BNS Premium Prepaid Service

Installing WordPress itself is relatively easy and generally quickly done providing you are familiar with the overalll process. Knowledge to create a MySQL database and the appropriate user as well as the proper file and folder structures are key to a smooth installation. If you are not sure of all of these items it would be best to make use of one of our installation services. The installation of a new theme or new plugins can also be very similar to installing WordPress and the same care should be given. All installations are based on servers using the cPanel interface; servers using other interfaces will be at a premium on a case-by-case basis.

We also offer WordPress hosting services. These hosting services open up discounts on all our other services.

  • Self-Hosted WordPress Installations
  • Theme Installations
  • Plugin Installations

Creating or editing a WordPress theme or plugin requires knowledge and skills in several different programming related languages. A knowledge of (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, etc may all be needed depending on the nature of the changes required. Modifications that go beyond our Five-Minute-FixTM service will be considered either minor or major depending on the scope of the project.

  • Theme Modifications – changes directly related to a theme and its functionality. Most changes would be provided as a child theme of the existing active theme and would include its installation. Implementing the changes as a child theme would prevent future parent theme updates from removing the modification(s).
    1. Minor Changes: These changes would generally be one-time isolated modifications with minimal impact on the overall theme. They may include, for example, such things as: minor color changes; image replacement; or, text specifically displayed by the theme. Each “minor change” would be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
    2. Major Changes: These changes generally would require more time and a deeper review of the existing theme. They may include such things as additional template pages, wholesale changes to the theme design, or the update of several out-dated functions. Although these changes would also be addressed on a case-by-case scenario, they would also include a limited time follow-up period as part of the contract.
  • Plugin Modifications – changes directly related to a plugin and its functionality are reviewed under similar criteria as theme modifications.
    1. Minor Changes
    2. Major Changes

The list above is only a small sampling, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries for additional WordPress Services we provide. We can help.