Internet Application Related Services

You may have a online forum that is getting too big to manage on your own. We can help with additional guidelines as well as temporary moderatorial services. You may be going on vacation and would like the confidence in knowing your forums will be attended to by polite professional individual(s) that will monitor and address any unforeseen issues that may arise that require immediate attention. Attention to details that you may need time to review after a holiday away; details which could still be reviewed after you have returned home; rested and ready.

Perhaps you want to make your Terms of Service (TOS) or User Agreement (UA) more specific to your web site and the community your are providing services to. We can help with making suggestions and drafting additional text to be added to your existing TOS, or if necessary to simply replace it. The default TOS included with most forum applications is generally very generic and may not necessarily apply to your group’s interests.

Do you need to add more functionality to your existing installation of your chosen application? Does your application just seem to be missing that last little bell or whistle that you want? Is there a special need that is not being addressed? We can help find the right modification, or plugin, or in some cases make the necessary changes directly.

Our preference is not to change the core installation of your application except as a last resort. Our beliefs are to stay as close as possible to the original source code to help insure a continued ability to smoothly update your application with the least amount of concerns.

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