There is design and then there is artistry. We have a great respect for graphic artists, digital artists, or artists in any form for that matter.

Design is a simple word used to capture an imagination.

We consider ourselves designers. We take artistic elements and combine them into an original designs.

A design may be a simple logo; new cover art for a book; a new static web page; or, complete web site.  The design process does not necessarily end with the combination of artistic elements, as design can incorporate the functionality of a process; the uses of an item; or, the appeal of an interactive user friendly web site.

Our design functions are not limited to changing the theme of a forum application package to better reflect the group using the forum.  We do not need to stop short at changing the graphic set  used in a WordPress theme to better suit the content of the author. Creating new designs is a process; and, only a beginning.

We can do more.

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