You have your domain name registered and you have your web space paid for, now what? Now, you need to put content for others to see. Whether it is a weblog (blog); a forum application; some static web pages; or, any mixture of the three, starting fresh can be a daunting task.  We can help.

Our current preferences in forum software for self-hosted installations are Simple Machines Forums (SMF) and phpBB forums.  These are both relatively easy to install and maintain.  Both have an active community of developers and long standing reputations in the forum software industry.  We are quite comfortable with implementing either application, and would be more than happy to discuss the potentials.

Perhaps you have decided to write a blog.  Our favorite self-hosted blogging application is WordPress. We can have you up and writing in no time at all. We can help with choosing a standard theme and get it installed and working on your blog almost as quick.  The process is generally very quick and easy in an “out of the box” concept.  Further modifications and additional functionality can be added via plugins; and, with the use of widgets.  We can help with getting over the newness of these concepts; or, adding them as the case may be.

Static web pages are also possible content to publish on your web site.  These can be developed and uploaded as well.

Converting from one forum application to another may be possible; moving one blog to a new WordPress self-hosted blog is generally not a difficult process; or, updating some static web pages to a more dynamic interactive website while maintaining a similar, if not identical, look and feel is always a possibility.  Just ask.  We can help.

Temporary access to your server may be required for some installations and may also be required for some file uploading. We stay strictly within the limits (and requirements) of the project we are implementing.  This is ONLY temporary; AND, we will remind you to REMOVE this temporary access once the process is finished.

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